Why Are Dogs Good For You

Why Dogs Are Good For You
Why are dogs good for you is a really good question to ask if you are thinking of getting a dog of any breed. Obviously I am more biased towards Toy Poodles but all dogs are good for you in so many ways. In this article I am going to give you 5 reasons why Dogs are definitely good for you.

1. They are great companyDogs and children

In a world where so many of us are lonely and isolated having a dog can take away any sense of loneliness we may have. There are so many reasons why we are lonely and isolated and you do not actually need to be alone to feel this way.
Having a dog that will greet you with more enthusiasm and love than any human has ever done is something every human being should experience. Not your partner, your kids or even your parents could even remotely match the excited fervour you will experience when you return home, even if you have only been gone for 20 minutes.
Even if you live in a home where there are several family members under your roof, you can still feel isolated. Your partner and kids may be physically there but mentally absent, lost in their own Internet world, usually. Having a dog who wants to be with you can take away that sense of isolation. They will want to sit quietly with you, but will also want to know where you are going, even if it’s just to go to the loo. There is nothing better than a dog who shows interest in your daily life. In my head they are saying “Where are you going? Can I come too?” When they notice even the slightest sense of movement in you. Obviously this is also great for those who actually live alone too.
Many older people are living alone today and can feel totally isolated, sometimes not seeing people for days. Having a dog has been the saviour of many an elderly person. I have a friend whose Grandmother lives alone after losing her husband many years ago. Despite now being in the early stages of Alzheimer’s she still lives alone with her chihuahua. She had never had a dog before but this dog was almost forced on her, accidentally on purpose, if you know what I mean. To this day she still thanks her granddaughter for giving her the dog and says “She saved her life” and by she, she means the dog.

2. They will keep you activeExercising your dog

Dogs in the main need exercise of some sort every day. Now while this may seem like a huge commitment the health benefits for you far outweigh this commitment. If you want to go to the Gym but never have ‘time’ – get a dog. You always have time for something you have to do and a dog needs walking. I have personally lost 2 stone over the past year. How? I got a dog and now walk him twice a day. Nothing else, no diet, no expensive gym membership either.
Don’t panic if twice a day seems like a lot. One good walk should be enough for most dogs.

3. They will help you to relax.Petting your dog

Petting any animal has been proven to reduce our stress levels. When we are sat stroking our dog it helps our bodies release a relaxation hormone which in turn helps to reduce our blood pressure. The health benefits of reducing stress and lowering our blood pressure are myriad. It has been shown that people who already have heart problems will live longer if they get a pet.

4. They will make you more sociable.Socialising Dogs

This is linked very much to keeping you active because they definitely won’t make you more sociable if you don’t actually take them out. Much like children, dogs give other people an excuse for starting a conversation and you often get a compliment too. Well your dog gets a compliment but that’s cool. More importantly if you both have dogs then the fact that our dogs want to say ‘Hi’ to each other means that you will strike up conversations with other human beings. The conversation will be about dogs but hey a conversation is a conversation.
Now this is an important one to me as I am what I would call socially awkward. It hasn’t always been this way but life events often change us. I prefer to work from home and working online allows for this but it does mean that my human to human interaction is limited. Now to a huge extent this suits me but ‘no man is an island’ and a lack of some daily human interaction is not beneficial to anyone. Human interaction with people outside of your immediate family will keep you mentally healthy. I find that the chats I have, mainly about dogs just suits me fine and gives me an element of human interaction, every day. Social awkwardness goes out of the window when your dogs are happily sniffing each other’s personal parts as a way of saying ‘Hi’ to each other.

5. They will make you laugh.Funny Dogs

Now we all know that laughter is the best medicine and Dogs will give you hours of laughter. They all have their own character and will get up to endless tricks that will make you giggle until you cry. Ralph will make me laugh every day. His total commitment to chasing birds is hilarious, he still cannot work out where they go when they take flight. The “where did it go” confused look on his face is a sight to behold. Getting himself stuck under and around furniture whilst trying to retrieve a favourite toy is a daily occurrence too. “Help me” is the expression on his gorgeous face.
Obviously in every case, you need to decide on the appropriate breed in terms of size and their particular needs. It is definitely worth doing your research first. There are pros and cons in both choosing a puppy or an older rescue dog. An older rescue dog may have particular needs because of their background but they may already be well trained. It may take some time to build a relationship whereas when choosing a puppy, the bond will be almost immediate. A puppy should come with no issues but will need training.
Think very hard about your lifestyle and read about different breeds online before making any decision. A Dog is for life, not just for Christmas.
If you have any questions that I can help you with, especially regarding Toy Poodles please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime you can read my post about Toy Poodles here. They are definitely a great choice.
With Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph