Vintage Poodle Photos

I am indulging in myself here in this post by combining two of my loves in life, Vintage and poodles. So here are my favourite poodle photos for you and I to enjoy.
Doris Day promoting her new film April in Paris is pictured on the cover of Colliers magazine with 6 dyed poodles. This was 1952, the decade where owning poodles was de la rigueur.

Could not resist a couple of pictures of Elvis Presley with poodles. He was a huge fan of dogs and owned several poodles and reputedly gave them to the women in his life.




Jackie Kennedy with her standard poodle Gaullie. Apparently named in honour of Charles de Gaulle. What a beautiful picture, such grace.

Barbara Streisand with her poodle Sadie.


I have no back story to this one but late 1940s early 1950s and such a clever photograph.

Zsa Zsa Gabor with a pink poodle. So wrong but Zsa Zsa herself was surely herself the pink poodle of the film industry.

I wish I knew how old this photograph is. Early 20th century for sure. A girl with her poodle, how very cute.

This one just makes me smile. The poodle is called Crouton and is owned by Leslie Caron. Just a quick visit to say hi to Tony Martin.

And I couldn’t leave out Elizabeth Taylor with two poodle puppies.
And my finale picture which is absolutely my favourite because that is some special training for this poodle.

John Chipperfield practiceing a skipping rope trick with a French Poodle before his performance at Tom Arnold’s Harringay Circus, London, 6th January 1950
I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful vintage poodles and I am sure I will be adding more real soon.
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With Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph