The Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Christmas gifts for dogs
As we have the Christmas Season fast approaching I have been searching online for Christmas gifts for dogs or more specifically for Ralph.
I thought I would share my findings with you, though I have not yet decided on my own purchases. Nothing new there. I have split them into three sections for you: Food Gifts for Dogs, Dog Toys and Dog Clothing. Happy Shopping.
If you want to find out more about the products just click on the images and it will take you to the product listing. If you do decide to purchase anything I would be paid a small commission but it won’t cost you any more than the regular price. The commissions help me to keep this site going.

Food Gifts for Dogs

It would not be fair to leave our lovable pooches out on the food feast we all love at Christmas so finding a suitable dog friendly present is a must. That is not to say Ralph will be missing out on the Turkey.
One of my favourite finds is Pawsecco. How cute is that? They can also join in with the Christmas family toast.

My next best thing is the Good Boy 6 Mini Christmas pie treats. Don’t they look great and I love a warm mince pie myself.

You can get a mini version too if you have a smaller pooch like Ralph.

If you want to go all out with the food treats then this Dog treat gift box with Pawsecco, treats and Popcorn is just adorable.

Now we all love a Christmas Stocking, my three grown up children still get one for heaven’s sake so let’s not leave Ralph out on this Christmas tradition. Most that I found are mainly food or treat based but some also contain a toy or two.
Pedigree do a good one and as I use this brand it makes sense to stick to what we know. Or is that a little boring? I am tempted by the Tin that you can purchase with the Stocking though.

I also like The Cupid and Comet Christmas Dinner Dog Stocking.

However, I may go for these other Christmas traditions:
The Christmas Cracker. Lily’s Kitchen does the best one.

The Selection Box. My favourite is the Good Boy Selection Box.

Whatever we choose to spoil our lovable pooches with, make sure not to go to far with treating them on Christmas Day. Spread those treats out over the holiday period or you will end up with a very sick dog on Boxing Day.

Dog Toys

Ralph loves his toys and I can’t quite bring myself to throw out those grubby ones that have seen better days but maybe some new ones might encourage me.
On my online travels I did find this Paw Shaped cut out dogs chest that I might treat myself to. It would be great to have something nice to tidy those toys away in at the end of the day.

Rather than buying toys separately you can buy job lots of toys but my favourite is the Banbury & Co luxury dog toy gift set. I know it’s not a poodle on the toy but I am not averse to a bulldog. There is a really handsome one we see on our walks. This just looks very manly.

The Protect my Dog gift box also caught my eye. Naturally sourced toys and treats. Possibly better for our pooch so they don’t over do it at Christmas.

Rosewood toys are one of my favourite makes for Ralph’s toys and their Rocky the twisty tough Reindeer looks brilliant. I can just imagine playing tug of war with this one.

Their Jolly Xmas Tennis balls would get me some brownie points from Ralph too. He loves to chase a thrown ball.

I really like their Slushy the Snowman too. Sooo cute.

Snowman Christmas dog toy

Dog Clothing

Well why not? We like to dress up over the holiday period so why not have our dogs dress up too.
Due to the Amazon advert there is a huge popularity in the Lion mane dog costume. It does seem like great fun but maybe only for the family photo shoot? Maybe you think differently. You could always let me know by leaving me your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Christmas Bow tie would make your pooch look fine and dandy for Christmas Day.
The two I found are the Kotiger and the PriMi brands


What about a Christmas Scarf? This one is right up my street for Ralph.

Dog scarf

Or maybe a new dog Collar with a Christmas theme. The Dog Collar Boutique do a great range.

The Dog Collar boutique

I am a big fan of fair isle as it exudes the holiday season charm. The Blueberry fair Isle jumper for dogs looks great. I think I would stick to the traditional red but it does come in four colours to suit your taste.


I am also very tempted by this one by House of Paws as it kinda goes with Ralphs Brown Ginger and Cream fur. It comes in two sizes which is a bonus.

Christmas pudding dog jumper


I also like this personalised Glitter Paw print dog tag. It comes in about 6 different colours.

 If you are feeling like you need to give back at this time of year then you will find some great gifts at Dogologue. This is an online store where all profits go to Guide dogs for the blind. Here you will find gifts for dogs, dog lovers or just general gifts. You can check out the shop by clicking on the image below.

You might also want to check out my top ten gifts for Dog Lovers by clicking here.
My review of The Furbo may also be of interest. A Camera that dispenses treats.
Whatever you choose I hope that you, your family and your pooch have a fabulous holiday season. If you would care to comment on any of my selections or have some of your own to share please feel free to comment in the section below.
I would also love it if you would like to send me photographs of your dog at Christmas, maybe in their party hat. I am building up my readers photographs so I can build a rogues’ gallery here on my site. You can send them to
Wishing you a Merry Christmas, with Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph