Teaching puppy tricks

Teaching puppy tricks is something you will be wanting to do as this is the fun stuff after all. However, do not rush your puppy and make sure both you and puppy have the main dog commands mastered first. These are the ones that will keep you sane and keep puppy safe.

Teach puppy say please

A simple one, but a great first step for further moves.
  1. Ask puppy to sit
  2. Take a treat and hold it a bit above and behind their nose saying please as you do.
  3. As head tilts back to get treat, their front paws will leave the floor and they will be balanced on their hindquarters ( or bottom)
  4. As soon as they are balanced praise them and give them the treat.
Only ask them to hold for a second or two at first and then you can ask for a few seconds more before releasing them and giving treat.

Teach puppy Stand up

Now this one may seem again seem simple but teaching puppy ‘Up’ leads to puppy walking on back legs which is the starting move for puppy dancing. Britains or Americas got talent here we come.????
This one moves from say please (or beg in my books) This trick is ideal for small dogs as they will find it easier than the larger breeds.
  1. Ask puppy to sit then face them a short distance away.
  2. Take a treat and hold it a bit above and behind their nose
  3. As they naturally try to reach up for treat move it a little higher say stand up or up in an encouraging voice. Up or hup is my preferred choice.
  4. As soon as they are standing on back legs give them the treat and give them praise
Practice this regularly until they can stand easily on their back legs.
Do not do what I have done. Sitting in a chair and trying this, Ralph cheats and rests his legs on mine. Being lazy doesn’t work for either of you.

Teach puppy Walk

To be able to do this they must be comfortable in standing on their back legs.
  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 above and then instead of releasing them with a treat move slowly backwards giving them the command walk or walk along in an encouraging voice.
  2. Remember to hold treat above them and if legs are strong enough they will take a step or two towards the treat.
  3. Give them the treat and praise.
Gradually increase the time they are walking by a step or two each time you have a training session.
I would love to hear about your stories about training your puppy and all the fun you have had.
Please leave your comments and any pictures below. I’m going to make a blog of all our puppy training exploits.
With Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph