Teaching dogs sit

One of the earliest and most common commands is teaching dogs sit. It is also one of the easiest to learn for both you and your dog.
Do not try to teach puppy anything when they are either sleepy or in an over active mood. Failure will lead to both of you feeling hopeless. Your puppy wants to please you above all else and failing to do so will have an effect on his self-esteem. Yes dogs have a self-esteem too.
Firstly arm yourself with their favourite treats. In the early days Ralph’s favourite was pedigree cheese bites. Just small enough and when training I would always split in half because I knew we would be using plenty and I didn’t want to over feed him. Make sure there are no other distractions. Children squealing or even talking will easily distract puppy. Even the TV could be a distraction for Ralph.
Get your puppy’s attention, usually be saying their name. Show him or her the treat and simply say the command “sit” and gently put your hand on their back and gently push them into the sit position. Once in sit position, give them the treat. Repeat this several times and then try saying “sit” without pushing him or her into position. Don’t worry if they don’t sit, just gently push into position and treat again.
Keep your training sessions short and do not expect puppy to get it, on the first session. Repeat again later in the day or the next day. Repetition is key when teaching dogs sit. After about three or four short sessions and you know they understand the command, wait and repeat “sit” if they do not follow command. If after three commands they do not respond go back to pressing into position and then treat.
Very soon you and puppy will have this command under your belt and they will follow the command without a treat being involved. To keep reinforcing the command make sure you ask puppy to sit when giving them any kind of treat food. You can also ask them to sit whilst you are filling his food bowl.
Ralph will sit before crossing the road so it is a really important command to learn for both you and puppy.
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with Grace and Gratitude