Teach puppy not to bite

One of the first things we need to do is to teach puppy not to bite. Not least because it is going to save us any pain and we are less likely to get angry at our puppy. It’s not real pain when they are just a little bundle of fluff but not so great when they get bigger.
So we have puppy home and once he settles in he’s going to think your mum. This is the same even if you are actually daddy! He gets fed by mum and she will have taught him or her not to bite when feeding by yelping. So yelping is what you are going to do to. Hopefully puppy is not going to bite when you put his food in the bowl but if they do, go ahead and yelp. A quick high pitch “ow” should do it.
Now puppy was also yelped at by mum when the rough and tumble with his or her siblings went too far and guess what, eventually the puppies also learn to yelp when their siblings go too far too .
To teach puppy not to bite starts early so when you are playing tug with their toy, if they catch you with their teeth, yelp. It will shock them into stopping and eventually learn just how far and what they can do with their mouth and what they can not.
Ralph is now ten months and I can happily put my hand in his mouth or play “catch the hand” with no fear of being bitten and it’s been that way since at least four months old.
Every now and again we have a small accident, and I mean accident, when we play his favourite game of tug with a rope ball and he will give a little nip. I just give a little yelp just as a reminder.
Teaching them this should also let them know how far their mouth can be used when others want to play too. The yelp is something you should teach any children that are likely to be playing with puppy too.
I hope this has been useful. I love to hear of other people’s training sessions with their own bundles of fun so please share your stories or if you have any questions leave them in the comments below. I am always happy to receive your photographs for my doggie rogues gallery. You can send them to karen@trainingmytoypoodle.com
With Grace and Gratitude