Puppy training schedule

There are going to be lots of tricks and behaviours you are going to want to train your puppy to do but getting them in the right order is a must. Knowing when to give way if puppy is not responding well to the trick or behaviour is also a good thing to know. Knowing some basics about our own behaviour when training your Toy Poodle is vital to your success.


  • Tools of the trade – understanding our behaviours and how puppy responds to them.
  • Early learning – from coming home to socialising.House training
  • Stationary exercises –  stay, sit, down and more
  • Lead Training – how to make your walks more enjoyable
  • Off lead training – keeping puppy safe and reducing your stress
  • Advanced training – fetch, paw, rollover and more
  • Agility Training – giving puppy more challenges and interests.
  • Accomplished performer – football moves, cute tricks and clever tricks to impress yourselves and others.