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Best Toys for Puppies


If you are like me you will be buying lots of toys for your new puppy. The best toys for puppies are going to be ones that will stay firm favourites and will withstand a lot of chewing. I have purchased lots of toys on a whim and have wasted a lot of money. One […]

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Teaching dogs sit


One of the earliest and most common commands is teaching dogs sit. It is also one of the easiest to learn for both you and your dog. Do not try to teach puppy anything when they are either sleepy or in an over active mood. Failure will lead to both of you feeling hopeless. Your […]

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Teach puppy not to bite


One of the first things we need to do is to teach puppy not to bite. Not least because it is going to save us any pain and we are less likely to get angry at our puppy. It’s not real pain when they are just a little bundle of fluff but not so great […]

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