Ikea Dog Beds – Coming to the U.K soon

Yes, Ikea have finally got a whole selection of pet accessories for us to put in our trolley when all we wanted was light bulbs. We all know the drill when we opt to go to Ikea. I am especially excited by their range of Ikea dog beds. And I know which one I will be bringing home with me.

So what have they got for us?

Ikea have come up with the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range, with the help of pet loving designers or were supported by  trained veterinarians. LURVIG in Swedish means Hairy. Clever. And as ever all the products are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will fit right in with all our other Ikea furniture we didn’t intend to buy.

Now here’s the bad news for us Brits. 

The range is currently only being sold in the US, Canada, France, and Japan – so if you’re UK-based and you were thinking off rushing down to your nearest Ikea, you won’t be able to just yet. The collection isn’t set to hit the UK until March 2018 at the earliest. Oh we are so jealous but please go buy so they definitely bring it to the UK and even dare we hope extend the range.