Dogs First Birthday Party Ideas

As it is Ralph’s first Birthday on the 26th of October, I have been searching for Dogs first party ideas and have come up with a few options which I am going to share with you.
My first question was, should I celebrate it at all? There are some people who may scoff at the idea because it is just a dog. Well I don’t care because Ralph is not just a dog, he is as much a family member as anyone else. So celebrate his first birthday party we will.
My second question was do I throw an actual party or just celebrate it quietly? Thinking about a big party threw up some challenges. Do I really want a pack of dogs chasing through my home and garden? Can I find an outside space that is suitable? How many other dogs and owners do I have to invite?
I have come to the conclusion that whilst I know a lot of people with dogs from our walks, I know their dogs names rather than theirs. My bad. Family dogs number 9,including Ralph which would be great but 6 of them reside at my sisters house and Ralph and I visit them at least once a week anyway. My nieces dog Daphne is usually there too so it’s always Dogs party time there.
So I have decided that it might be best (easier) to have a quiet celebration, spoiling Ralph in the morning and then taking some special treats to my sisters later in the day. So that technically means I will be holding Ralph’s Birthday at my sisters house. Shh… don’t tell her!! Dogs to invite. Tick. Venue. Tick. All that I need now is a gift for Ralph, A cake and some treats.
Here is what I have found in my searches and maybe they will be helpful to you too.

Birthday cards

Well if you are going to get your dog a birthday card it might as well be edible. This is a definite for my list.

It can be purchased from Amazon for £4.99
Etsy also have some really cute non edible options. Here’s a couple of my favourites, obviously poodle biased but you can find lots for your own pups breed too.

Birthday Hats

A dogs birthday definitely needs to be honoured by the wearing of a hat if only for the photo album.
My favourite can be found on Etsy by a Company called Takeabowooo and you can find the boy and girl version and even get a matching bow tie. A bit expensive at £21.69 if your budget is tight but very cute.

A fun and much cheaper idea is this birthday cake hat sold on Amazon

Birthday cake

Now I am planning on making my own but you can’t beat the web for finding ideas and I may be tempted to not make because I found this little gem of a Company on Etsy who not only make cakes but can supply dog treats for as many pooches you need to cater for. Their treats and cake come in 5 different dog friendly flavours. Pupcakesdogbakeryuk is the name of the company but they do only ship to the U.K.

Another idea if you don’t want to bake is this Dog biscuit by Lolo sold on Amazon and cheap at £7.
I found these Bacon donuts on Pinterest and they would make a brilliant treat for all of those dogs.

Birthday Presents

If you are like me you will always be buying your dog a new toy but you are going to want something a bit special for their birthday and hopefully something that will last. As we know not all dog toys last that long. I am opting for the Trixie dog Activity flip board which is great for small dogs and hopefully keep him entertained for hours whilst working out how to find those treats.

Party Themes

Pick a theme any theme any theme will do. When searching you will find lots of ideas for children’s dog themed parties. Apparently ,Paw patrol parties are all the rage. Steal an idea from them and adapt with puppy friendly treats.
Some of my favourites.

Now this is something I will definitely be doing. Buy plenty of tennis balls and dog chews and display in a bowl. Cheap and cheerful and you can buy any colour balls to fit your theme.
Balloons might also be fun. I found these on Amazon at £3.45 for six

Well I hope I have given you some things to think about when planning your pooches party. I know I have some thinking to do myself. I’m off now to make some purchases and plan for Ralph’s party. I promise to post some photos and if you want to send me a picture of your pooches birthday I will be sure to add it to a birthday gallery.
You can do this by sending me an email to you can also comment below with any of your dog tales.
With Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph