Dog Camera that Dispenses Treats – What’s Not to Like ?

Furbo Dog camera
A Dog Camera that actually dispenses treats at your command from your mobile phone has to be one of my favourite Smart products on the market right now.
The Furbo Dog Camera is now on the market and if you have ever worried about your dog when you are at work or just out then this product is for you. Do they get bored? Are they distressed? Or are they just chillin cos Mum or Dad are out?
No need to wonder anymore because Furbo the smart camera which connects to an app, lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog while you are out.
You will need a home WIFI connection and a Smartphone. Then it’s a Simple Three Step Setup.
1. Plug in Furbo to a power outlet, using the USB cord which is included.
2. Download the free Furbo app, available on iOS and Android
3. Connect Furbo to your home WIFI Furbo Dog Camera contents
Once you have done this you will have use of its full HD Camera including night vision. It has full HD video streaming, with a wide-angle view, which lets you see your entire room, day or night.
Two Way Chat: You can hear and comfort your dog, just like you are right there with them. Furbo has a built-in microphone and speakers so you can talk and listen to your dogs clearly.
Barking Alert: It delivers push notifications to your smartphone when your dog barks so you can talk to them in real time. Furbo has intelligent sensors that automatically detects barking and can distinguish that from any other background noises. So if you leave the radio or TV on to keep your dog company as I do, it will still detect your dogs bark.
Toss treats: With a simple swipe on your phone the Furbo is designed to launch your dog’s favourite treats into the air, making it fun for your dog. Make them chase that treat. Most treats are compatible, though they do suggest round, non-crushable treats between half inch to one inch. It will hold up to a 100 treats.
Night vision function: You can still see your dog in the dark because it has built-in infrared LED lights. Fantastic if you won’t be back until after dark and you don’t want to keep the lights on all day. I know this can be a problem for us in the U.K in the winter months. It’s often dark at 4pm.
Now I will be honest and say I don’t have this yet but it is on my Christmas List. I think it has been purchased but I guess it will get wrapped and be under the tree.

The best place to shop for this is Amazon. I have provided you with the link. You can just click on the image above or any other image in this post.
Despite not yet having mine in my hands, I have read as many reviews as I possibly could and the results are good. Most would give it a five star rating 70% and another 16% a four star. In my books this is a good enough recommendation and having so many personal reviews helped me to make my decision.
I get the gist that many are having a lot of fun with this product. Spying on their dogs to see if they do go on that sofa or not, while they are out, kind of fun. As you can take photos and videos of them, you have all the evidence you need. Like they care!!
There did seem to be a little difficulty in initial set up because of phone or internet connection with a small percent of people but they all seemed to get great product support and their challenges sorted promptly.This is a nice looking product and would not look out of place in any home. Some owners suggested that it should go on a shelf to stop their dogs from trying to chew the product to get the treats out.
Furbo Pet Camera
I shall be taking a sensible route and only pretending to go out at first, just to check that Ralph can’t find a way to get to it and get the treats before I dispense them.
Please do leave any comments below if you have purchased and enjoyed the Furbo Dog Camera or not as the case may be.
With Grace and Gratitude
Karen and Ralph
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