Why Dogs Are Good For You

Why Are Dogs Good For You

Why are dogs good for you is a really good question to ask if you are thinking of getting a dog of any breed. Obviously I am more biased towards Toy Poodles but all dogs are good for you in so many ways. In this article I am going to give you 5 reasons why […]

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Do Dogs Like snow

Snow and Dogs – Is It A Good Idea?

In the U.K. we are not always blessed with snow and so our dogs are not really used to dealing with it. Over the last few days we have seen lots of snow and Ralph my Toy Poodle has just loved it. The prompt for this post was the amount of people who commented on […]

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Dogs first Birthday

My Toy Poodles First Birthday

It was Ralph, my toy poodles first birthday on the 26th October and if you saw my post on first birthday ideas you will know that the plan was to throw a sneaky party at my sisters house. That is where most of the family dogs reside after all, so the guest list and venue […]

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Dogs First Birthday Party Ideas

As it is Ralph’s first Birthday on the 26th of October, I have been searching for Dogs first party ideas and have come up with a few options which I am going to share with you. My first question was, should I celebrate it at all? There are some people who may scoff at the […]

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Vintage Poodle Photos

I am indulging in myself here in this post by combining two of my loves in life, Vintage and poodles. So here are my favourite poodle photos for you and I to enjoy. Doris Day promoting her new film April in Paris is pictured on the cover of Colliers magazine with 6 dyed poodles. This […]

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The Terrible Teens in Dogs

I am writing this post to let all dog owners know that the terrible teens in dogs really does exist. You are not going mad, you are not alone and your training thus far has not been forgotten by your lovable mutt. Ralph has been going through the terrible teens for around a month now. […]

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