Best Toys for Puppies

If you are like me you will be buying lots of toys for your new puppy. The best toys for puppies are going to be ones that will stay firm favourites and will withstand a lot of chewing. I have purchased lots of toys on a whim and have wasted a lot of money. One that easily springs to mind is a colourful monkey that lasted about half an hour of tugging and throwing until it was no more! We still have its head though.
In this post I will be reviewing some of the best toys for puppies so you don’t go wasting your money and your puppy can have the best for playtime.
One of the first toys Ralph had was the Rosewood cudleez noodle dog. It was bought as a pressie for him by my niece, Megan and he played and played with it. He still does, though I must admit it looks like it has seen better days now and has lost a little of its stuffing. But he has spent many a night outside and played tug with on lots of occasions.
Toys that your puppy can chew whilst he is teething are a must. Something firm and something small enough for them to get in their mouth easily. I also put them in the freezer for a while when he was small and teething. He still has them and chews on them every now and again. Nylabone puppy bone by wolf is the one Ralph owns.
Another must for puppy is balls and we have been through lots of them. Tennis balls are too big when puppies are tiny but Ralph as he has grown, has tried many and managed to destroy all of them! He pulls off the green felt and then the rubber inner gets squashed and ripped apart. The smaller rubber balls were too soft and Ralph’s teeth were used to shred the rubber off and he would digest some of it. I clearly remember a bright orange one that ended up looking more like a small rugby ball. These type also seem to soak up water and then are not fun to throw.
Ralph destroying a cheap ball!
The best balls seem to be the firm rubber balls which when squeezed hardly move. A bit more expensive than the balls that move when squeezed but definitely worth it. Indestructible toy balls for dogs.
Another toy must is tug ropes and balls. Nice and colourful and the ones we had are still going strong. Dog rope toys by Pecute
These are only a few of the toys Ralph has and the choice out there is enormous. However dogs will find toys every where. If you are a keen gardener like me then plant pots are great fun. Ralph manages to get hold of them as soon as the plant is removed and sometimes before the plant has been removed! He also is currently chewing on the back of my TV remote?
Hopefully this post will help you in deciding which to buy and remember you will need somewhere to store them too. A house littered with dog toys is not much fun.

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With Grace and Gratitude
Karen & Ralph