About Ralph – A much loved Toy Poodle

Ralph my phantom toy poodle was born on the 26th October 2016 and came to live with me on the 30th December 2016.
He was so tiny but so full of joy and wonder. He adapted well to living with my 6 cats ( don’t ask it was just something that happened ) though they took a while longer to adapt lol !!
He does have a posh name Koodle Gentleman but he is definitely a Ralph. Wreck it Ralph as he is affectingly known xx
Everyone loves him and there’s a lot of admitted dog envy from those other dog owners we meet on our twice daily walks. They say toy poodles are great for apartment living. Well it better be a large one as Ralph definitely has a lot of energy to use up. As it was winter when I got him and walks out were not a thing back then he would run, no charge, from one end of the house to the other over and over. Still does if his walks and ball playtime are not long enough.
A note here about ball playtime. All of Ralph’s balls have been destroyed by wreck it Ralph,the nice coloured ones, the tennis balls everything !! The only ones he hasn’t managed to destroy are the Snug rubber dog balls you can find them on my review of the best toys for puppies.
Ralph on his way home, 12 weeks old.
As I write today nearing the end of August he is 10 months old and we have done plenty of training but we still have a way to go. He loves learning new things or maybe it’s the treats which are a definite must for any training you may want to do.
A bit of an update: Ralph is now one years old, the time has flown by and we are nearing his first Christmas. Now my three grown up children are already showing some signs of jealousy. Kids never grow up. One actually said ” I bet Ralph gets more than I do this Christmas”
Well just maybe he will. Check out my review of the Best Christmas gifts for Dogs. 
Thank you for following Ralph and I on our journey and I hope you find our posts useful.
With Grace and Gratitude